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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

This is my mom's side of the family, Smith side.  We had mostly everyone together for this picture minus a cousin who lives in Texas.  It was mostly done for my grandpa, how we love him.

The man of the hour, Grandpa Smith

LOVE this one!!!

Here is the whole family!!!

 This is my beautiful and wonderful family

 My sister and I

 This one is of the grand and great grandchildren

 My immediate family and Grandpa

 A family picture, dont think I have a picture of just us 4, except maybe my wedding

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gone for a while...

Wow...didn't realize I haven't posted for almost 2 months...crazy.  Colton will be done with preschool in 3 days and he will be starting kindergarten in August.  Kalienna just turned 18 months!!! Can you believe it, time has certainly gone fast.  She is such a little girl, following in my footsteps.  She will eye my lotion as I apply and want to rub it on herself as well (even if it is on her clothes) ADORABLE!!  My last post showed the boys and their new toys, have to say Chris got another one (fast one) and he is even planning on getting my own.  I never thought I would want one but after he said it I kind of got excited!!  Colton started t-ball and has been practicing about 2 times a week and had his first game last week.  It was only played for not even an inning because of a thunderstorm that rolled in.  I did get some hurried pictures though and will definitely get some better ones at his upcoming game Tuesday.  So here are some random pictures from the past couple months. 
 My cousin Madelyn graduating high school. Isn't she beautiful. 
She is the youngest cousin and she isn't much of a baby anymore.  
Congrats sweet girl!!!
That is my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Dave. 

 Some of my hurried pictures, you can see the rain on his shirt.

 Aunt Amanda and Bodey came to cheer him on at his first game, and stayed even when it was pouring, now that is some love.

 They had to give "good game" hand slap after they called the game because of the storm
You can see Colton just to the side of the coach, little boy with blond hair.

Kalienna at 18 months (if you are wondering she had just gotten a scraped nose, poor baby).

Monday, March 28, 2011

Boys and their toys

Chris brought home some new toys for him and Colton.  He loves the idea of Colton playing with cool toys.  For instance, he is already going to be shooting guns, lighting rockets, and now 4-wheeling.  It is pretty cute to see how the big boy is already getting "toys" for the little boy. Good thing I have my girl!!

 You can see up on the truck is Colton's yellow little 4-wheeler

 There they are in the distance

 It was cold yesterday but that doesn't stop them from taking a ride

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Girls Trip to sunny AZ

I had to opportunity to go see a good friend who lives in Arizona, Amber.  We had an awesome time and I already miss the warm sunny weather.  Even though it was in the middle of winter Arizona blessed us with a sunny warm 75 degrees most days.  We all had so much fun we have already sworn to go back next year!!  I am excited already. 
 This is what we left the day we headed to AZ

 We started our girls trip right, with some drinks on the plane

 Still see a little snow out the window...not for long

 No snow...YAH!!!

 One of the many good times we had

 Overlooking Phoenix from Amber's work

 Me with my friend Amy...such a sweet sweet girl

 Me with another great friend Tab

 Trying to pose like Charlies Angels

 Went to Cheesecake Factory and of course sampled their delicious and over the top cheesecakes

 Amy and Tab

 Saw some neat looking cactus their

 Posing like the cactus

 We all took a 2 hour trail ride near the South Mountain (hope I got this correct)

 Some of these cactus' we were told are over 100 years old

 Me with my horse Alice

 Again with our crazy picture ideas

 Overlooking Phoenix

 YUMMMMmmm...it was a lobster and ahi tuna flatbread pizza